Nowadays, as more and more people are getting concerned about their weight, it is observed that more and more diets have been introduced, and actually, becoming popular! Many of these diets guarantee effectiveness however, most of these merely manage to discourage people at the end of their course. Individuals those are highly obsessed about their weight loss, are left hopeless and de-motivated.

Before you start with any diet program, it is extremely important that you do your research work. Research work, as in, searching what people are saying about it or how effective or ineffective they have found the particular diet program. Besides, you may find some really helpful reviews about each diet program on the internet that will give you a rough idea about what exactly the diet plan is all about, and its success rate etc.

For your assistance, I have prepared a list of 5 worst diet programs. The list has been prepared after investing great time in research work. Remember, the below mentioned diets have been found truly ineffective for most of the users, though, this does not mean that these never work, however in most cases, they did not work, and will possibly, not work for you as well:

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I would rather say that detox diets is the most unsafe and dangerous weight loss program one would ever come across. Imagine something that guides the users to detox with body cleansers or colonics is indeed, totally an unsafe measure that you must say a NO-NO to! There are no reports or evidence that backs the idea detox diet presents. Indeed, putting your health at risk will merely invite you trouble and no good in return!

Our body can naturally do what a cleanser can, and thus there is no need to use something that is intended for a totally different purpose. Thus, it is wiser to avoid something that will cause you no good in return of putting your body in pain.


Like the detox diet, I believe fasting diets are equally dangerous that have been followed for several years now. Even to this date, fasting diets are strictly discouraged by health experts, and even by fitness experts! Following this diet program means starving yourself! Yes, you heard it right! Starving yourself!

Our metabolism adjusts according to our eating habits. For example, if you stop eating food, and your body is not provided with sufficient calories, then your body’s metabolism will adjust according to the current circumstances. This means, after you start getting back to your normal eating habits, your metabolism will become unbalanced as it will find trouble to re-adjust. This will end up causing you digestion problems and even worse, a poor shaped physique!

Remember; do not feel happy if your body manages to lose weight through this diet program, as it will only be losing a mixture of fluids, fat and muscle. Though, as soon as you follow your old eating pattern, your body will balance the fats as quickly as possible. Such a situation will make you feel drowsy and tired all day! Thus, avoid such types of diet programs right away!


Remember, a diet program that sounds like a key to the entire weight concerns tends to end up a total failure in the end. Remember, nothing is magic, when it comes to weight loss. No magic recipe or no magic formula can help you lose weight without the need of your efforts. Such a diet has to be strictly avoided. Instead, go for a diet that has a realistic approach, one that demands more of your efforts and less of sugar-coated promises that ensures all your dreams will come true the next morning you wake up!


Such a diet plan limits the user to consume a particular form of food, for instance, only raw food! Indeed, such a diet is also a NO-NO diet program that has to be avoided straight away! Remember, by consuming a particular form of food all the time will cause your body to lack the needed nutrients it attains from other foods.

Even though, the foods this diet plan encourages are good for weight reduction purpose, yet the diet is highly discouraged by weight loss experts as apart from losing the weight, countless of nutrition are also lost in the course that can indeed, cause great health complications, far more than weight gain!


As mentioned earlier, there is no such word as magic or miracle when it comes to weight loss. Thus, I discourage diets that involve the concept of miracle foods and promises in this respect!  No food or the combination of foods can help anyone get rid of the extra pounds instantly when used at a particular time period in a day! Fake promises, all lies! SO, AVOID!

So, this was the list of 5 worst diet plans of all times! Hope you found it helpful!

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