612 Protein – Nutritious Protein For Superior Results

612 Protein – Nutritious Protein For Superior Results

Over the years, one commonly observed fad among people especially men is to lift weight and go crazy after body-building. And for this purpose they spend hours in gym running on treadmills and lifting heavy weights to acquire the body mass that is huge and firm. These people visit gym for a completely different purpose and that is not only limited to fitness of their bodies.

They may focus towards the fitness first; however, over the time their ultimate aim is to gain mass and muscle to look more appealing and strong. This market has always been an active attraction for pharmaceutical companies to introduce medicine that can be taken as supplements for body building.

These drugs are generally high in protein and deliver the required strength and nutrition to your body giving you the look you desired.

However, it is very important to buy a brand and not to land up with the fake one that can be harmful to your body. This is where 612 Protein comes into picture, a protein powder consisting of nutritional ingredients that meets your daily requirements essential to build up body mass.

612 Protein is category of body mass building supplements that is designed by keeping in view customers’ choice, requirements and preferences. But, if you have certain doubts in your mind before buying it then better to have a look at other people’s experiences and journey to get the desired body mass.

A 24 year old law student shared his views as his girlfriend asked him to build mass and gain muscle as it really fascinated her. He suddenly found himself in confusion as he felt going to gym and lifting weights were never enough.

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He always felt a dire need of a body mass supplement that is free from any side effects and that works effectively giving him the optimal results. But he was fearful and felt reluctant to buy any product as he had already heard bad experiences from people. One day, he read about 612 Protein online and people’s review and some have also shared their post-effect pictures he decided to try it at least once.

He ordered one supply and started to take a regular dose and simultaneously went to gym. Only after few weeks he started to gain muscle and mass on arms and thighs that motivated him to keep using. He is very happy with this protein powder and takes it now regularly as a meal replacement.


  • Help you to gain muscle but in lean form with no baggy arms and shoulders
  • High in protein but low in fats and calories
  • One of the best replacement of regular meals
  • Helps to retain lean body mass
  • Prompt in actions and absorptions
  • No artificial or genetically developed ingredients
  • 100% safe and healthy option


612 Protein has to be taken as per the prescribed dose that is 25g of powder into 150-250 ml of water to be blended and consumed like a regular fruit shake. It is recommended to take these shakes at least 2 to 3 times a day. It will be unique protein shake something you have never experienced before. It consists of a quality mixture of high proteins and other natural ingredients that are essential in helping our body to gain mass by nourishing muscles. This healthy mixture is also called ‘Trixen’ and it also helps you to maintain a healthy level of weight.


612 Protein is not like any other protein supplement round the corner and it has a perfect blend called ‘trixen’ has been developed after the clinical supervision and testing of two years to give you the best result that cannot be provided by any other product

  • Whey Protein Isolate – Plays the role of a Sprinter, as it works fast and store healthy fats into your body giving you a lean muscle structure.
  • Amino Acid – Acts as the utility player, triggers the amino acid for the weight loss and a healthy heart.
  • Milk Protein Concentrate – gets stored in the stomach boosting amino acids levels in body


612 Protein will never let you down in terms of performance as this miracle drink is set to provide results like no other product in the market. Just the right level of dose and a regular intake will lead you to a lean and appealing mass structure. So, don’t hesitate to give it a try at least once.


  • Has to be taken regularly
  • Routine gym workout should not be missed and continued

Over dosage should always be avoided so not to land on any side effects in the worst scenario


When you purchase 612 Protein directly from the manufacturer online, you will be eligible for a number of bonuses, including a discounted price when you buy more than one product, and Free Shipping in the United States and the United Kingdom. Using their official website (Bauer Nutrition) you will be able to get the other benefits like current discounts, multiple orders discount and money-back guarantee on your Whey protein powder 612 Protein.