7 Strength Training Programs for a Wrestler like Physique

7 Strength Training Programs for a Wrestler like Physique

Winter’s here and the time has finally arrived that you start preparing your body to be in shape for next summer! Well, the best time to get in shape is always now! Whether is summer or winter, it doesn’t matter. You just have to stop overthinking and just intuitively hit the gym and pick some heavy iron.

If you’re an aspiring wrestler, or you seek a majestic wrestler like physique, read ahead so you can choose a strength training program that you like, that would lead you to your desired wrestler’s physique.  Following is a list of 7 heavy strength training programs that would not only enable you to carve out your desired physique, but would enable you to lift like a beast too. These programs will target that rep range that promote hypertrophy, and maximise strength in the least possible time!

  1. Strong Lifts 5×5:

This is the simplest, yet one of the hardest programs out there! As the name would suggest, this program features compound exercises like deadlift, bench press, overhead press, barbell row. 5×5, as many of you might already know, stands for 5 reps for 5 sets. It may sound easy, and a workout you may think would save time. But the trick is to pick a weight that would enable you to reach failure at the fifth rep! Imagine a weight that you could only pick up for 5 reps -it would obviously be heavy, and would burden your muscles! That’s a good thing if you want to look like your favourite wrestler, or experience a real and fast increase in your strength!

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  1. Dorian Yates – Bloods and Guts:

6 time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates is a very famous professional bodybuilder. For this work out you need to be able to channel a lot of energy in one set. He suggests 2 warm-up sets of 10-12 reps, and one set till failure of 6 reps. You might need a training partner to help you push that much weight in one set. With this plan you can expect huge gains, and enormous strength.

  1. Arnold Shwarzanegger Blueprint:

This is the bodybuilder everyone aspires to be. Great wrestlers, like the Rock, have followed Arnold’s path to achieve their physiques, and you should too. Arnold’s training program isn’t for the weak. He is known to “shock the muscle” so he encourages to do some abnormal things in the gym to get abnormal results. One should definitely check his workouts to get the wrestler like physique.

  1. German Volume Training (GVT) :

With this workout, you’ll only need to go to the gym 3 days a week.  However, there would be a lot of volume, and you would be incorporating a lot of supersets, and tri-sets into your routine. This program suggest you do 3 different splits – chest& back, legs & abs, arms $ shoulders. This plan expects that you do only one exercise per body part, and reach failure in that. Perfect to maximise strength, and gain a physique of legends.

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  1. Y3T

This plan is also similar to Arnold’s blueprint in the sense that it also shocks the muscle to promote growth. Your workout would differ from week to week, and this would prevent your body to adapt to a certain kind of training. This kind of training not only promotes muscle growth, but also makes your body worthy of withstanding unexpected load and pressure. You will be physically, and mentally challenged during this program.

  1. FST 7

FST stands for fascia stretch training. The logic behind this program is that you need to stretch the fascia to promote growth. Fascia is the fibrous connective tissue that surrounds your muscles, separates, and binds your muscles together. During this work out program you will do generally 4 sets of each exercise, and the 4th set would be of 7 reps. This would ensure your fascia stretches and your muscles have ample room to grow. Many bodybuilders spend a lot of time on the rollers, and also get professional masseurs to stretch the fascia.  If you want to look like a wrestler, you need to do the same things your idols do. Fascia stretching is a must!

  1. HIIT

High intensity interval training is what stands for HIIT. As the name suggests you do intense exercise rounds, followed by pauses.  This is common for people looking to burn fat, but is proven to promote muscle growth. Furthermore, if you want to look like a wrestler, you probably need to burn a little bit of extra fat, and HIIT enables you to do burn fat, and pack on lean muscle at the same time. This is a serious plan to follow if you really want to get an aesthetically pleasing body.

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You can choose any of the above strength training programs, and combine it with CrazyBulk steroids to achieve a wrestlers physique very soon. All you need more is some dedication to keep driving you. Success breeds success, and once you see results, you will be more motivated then before as your goals would now feel in your reach.
Keep lifting, and keep bulking!