Benefits of Damiana For Male Enhancement

Benefits of Damiana For Male Enhancement

Damiana is centuries old herb which people, especially men have been using to increase fertility.

These days you can find a plethora of male enhancing supplements which contain harmful chemicals, thus providing you knowledge about the natural aids can be beneficial for you and your male performance.

Want to know more about Damiana? Let’s find out.

What is Damiana Basically?

Damiana is a name of a plant from the specified Turnera Diffusa, it is mostly cultivated in Mexico and some Asian countries where its use is popular to increase male sperm count.

The essence of Damiana was first used in liquor form which mainly worked as an aphrodisiac and posse multiple health benefits.

In many supplements which are effective and herbal, Damiana is amongst their basic element which makes it such a potent testosterone boosting ingredients.

The mixture of Damiana leaf along with other natural herbs is being used by bodybuilders to raise their T-Count and athletic performance.

Constituents Present In Damiana

The main constituents that make Damiana such a powerful aphrodisiac and energy enhancing herb are:

  • Beta-sitosterol
  • Alpha-copaene
  • Alpha-pinene,
  • Albuminoids,
  • Damianin,
  • Essential oil
  • Luteolin
  • Tannins

Sexual Health Benefits of Damiana

Only the legit company consumes Damiana extract into their supplements because it contains some remarkable male enhancement effects.

Taking Damiana extract in a raw form can be tremendously beneficial for your health, but prolonged use of raw extract can harm your system.

This is why it is available at such a minute level, which is the same effect as if you take it in high quantity.

Here are some benefits of Damiana for your sexual health.

Increase Libido

Damiana is known to enhance libido in men and women, especially those who are suffering from depression and cannot get their head on doing something sexual.

If your sexual cravings are going down there is a chance your body is missing some basic elements which can be solved with a pinch of this mighty herb.

Reference: Mexican National Institute of Psychiatry conducted many studies and suggested that Damiana indeed is one of the powerful natural aphrodisiacs.

Amplify the Sexual Satisfaction

An aphrodisiac not only increases your craving for sex but it also prolongs its timing, which means the pleasure timing will be doubled. This effect can be equal to both men and women who take Damiana before having sex. The experience would be remarkably joyful with enhanced men power.

Erectile Dysfunction and Infertility

ED is caused by lack of blood supply, whereas infertility is closely associated with lack of Testosterone in your body.

Damiana mechanism of action is remarkably helpful in this situation; by increasing blood supply to the penile region.

It will give your penis another chance to attain the maximum and uninterrupted erection.

The flow of blood can be maximized, depending on how much you have taken.

Infertility caused by a basic lack of testosterone, which weakens the very nature of sperm cells, thereby making them ineffective to the uterus.

With a sufficient amount of Testosterone rushing in your veins, not only your sperm quality will be improved, but you will also produce a lot more juice than expected.

Other Health Benefits of Damiana

Besides acting as a powerful aphrodisiac, Damiana has other health benefits to offer which are:

  • It can be used in Ashtmatic conditions where breathing pattern is critically disturbed
  • Fights depression
  • Headache
  • Boost stamina in any physical activity
  • Increases sperm count
  • Improves Gut health

Side Effects related to Damiana

After searching in so many sources and scientific literature we couldn’t possibly find out any side effects of Damiana extract. But as you can see every herb if taken in the highest amount can be troublesome, the same case is with Damiana. If you consume it in a large amount, there are chances you will experience cold sweats and hypotension.

Damiana is also contraindicated in

  • Diabetic individuals
  • Pregnant females


Damiana like many herbs is consumed after drying; the leaves hold the essence which should be taken 10-15 grams per day.

The dried leaves can also be taken 5 gram TID (three times a day) which will keep you away from side effects.

Natural Supplement for Male Enhancement

There is a 10% chance out of 100 that supplement manufacturers are utilizing the purest form of Damiana leaf.

In order to enhance male performance and sexual skills you can find tons of supplements claiming to be the best in the market but which one should you really trust?

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Final Thoughts- Would Damiana Help you Getting Turned On?

Most definitely, the herb has worked on millions of men and women worldwide who on daily basis post their remarks and the way you should use it.

Taking Damiana alone can be pretty much bothersome, especially if you belong to the working class.

So why not try something that promises you the availability of natural aids with the sideline of long-lasting orgasm.

You can get over with your depression and anxiety attacks, and at last, you can satisfy her the way she wants.