Proven Ways To Make Your Penis Bigger Fast

Proven Ways To Make Your Penis Bigger Fast

Almost every single man desire for a larger penis, a penis that is long enough to satisfy him more in bed! However, when it comes to sexual satisfaction of both the parties, girth is something that also plays a major part. If studies are to be believed, then men with larger and thicker penises tend to be more confident in bed.

Penis enlargement surgery is one proven option that men pursue to enlarge their penile size; however, the option is not really affordable for all. Apart from the affordability factor, surgeries do not turn effective for all.

Yes, before you go for an option like this, do not forget that the chances of success are only 50%. Plus, penile enlargement surgeries are also known to cause some serious side effects; few of which are intense enough to ‘end’ your sex life completely! Yeah, that’s true! So, why take risk just to add few inches to your penile? Why not try some proven and safe techniques to enlarge penis! Approaches that will not put you under the knife, for sure!


  1. JELQING: jelqing is a penis enlargement exercise that is commonly practiced by men all over the globe. Jelqing is proven to add inches, for it improves the circulation of blood to your penile. An improvement in the supply of blood not just works to increase size, but also increases the circumference of your penis. Though, jelqing needs to be done appropriately, whereas, patience is something that is most needed for it takes time to produce favorable results!
  2. KEGELS: It is commonly believed that kegel exercises only works for females; however, this is not right! Men can actually work on their PC muscles to enlarge their size for it affects the supply of blood to the penile. Then again, Kegels exercises need to be done accurately. Plus, like the former approach, these also take time to produce results thus, one must perform these regularly and with patience.
  3. STRETCHING EXERCISE: When it comes to effective techniques to enlarge penis, the importance of stretching exercise cannot be underestimated. Clearly speaking, stretching is simple however, can cause you a little discomfort.
  4. PENIS PUMP: Using a penis pump is one proven way to add few inches to your penile. A penis pump is designed to be fit around the penile. As the name suggests, users need to pump the tool for it to start working. Suction improves the supply of blood to the head of the penile, which enables harder erections. Gradually, this ‘pumping’ technique causes your penis size to increase. Not just the size, many penis pumps are also proven to improve the width of penile.

If you are willing to try a good penis pump and wants to know a good and proven brand, then I would suggest you to go for Bathmate Hydro Pump!

  1. PENIS EXTENDER: These are contraptions that users have to wear on their penile. A good branded penis extender can help you enlarge your penis by inches. Basically, their nature of mechanism is to stretch the penile into a straight position. These then apply traction technique to enlarge it. When it comes to penis pumps of penis extenders, one must simply go for a proven brand for it involves the most sensitive part of your body, thus, be careful when choosing one for yourself.

If asked, I would suggest you to go for Sizegenetics. It is a proven penis contraption that can help you increase inches to your penile, effectively and safely. Plus, sizegenetics is also known for its powers to engorge penis!

  1. PENIS ENLARGEMENT PILLS: When it comes to effective and safe approaches to enlarge penis, one cannot deny that penis enlargement pills are also a good option that needs to be counted. However, the same rule applies here too, that is, you need to go for a proven brand! By this, you will not just be able to increase the size of your penis, but will also be able to give a needed boost to your sexual life!

To my users, I would suggest Male extra. The brand will help you increase the size by 0.8 to 2.6 inches, which is a drastic increase. However, its regular use for a period of at least six months is a must for definite and lasting gains. Plus, Male extra helps with stronger and longer erections, improves sexual drive and stamina, to say the least!

So, these are the proven techniques to add inches to the penis. Never to forget, that apart from being effective, these techniques are also proven to be safe. However, you need to invest time and remain patient while these work! No doubts, gains produced by these are not just definite, but are also lasting!

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