Bathmate VS Penomet

Bathmate VS Penomet

Are you unhappy with your manhood size? Do you really feel that your small size is killing your happiness? If the answer is YES, read out this review.

Many males face the issue of having smaller size, which later on becomes the major hindrance in the success of their personal relationships.

Due to various factors, most of the men also face erectile dysfunction, low or poor erections or poor stamina in bed that not only hurt their love bonds, but also destroy their self confidence.

Keeping in view the issues related to manhood size, we are here discussing the two leading penis pumps that are considered as the most popular male enhancement solution in the market.

These penis pumps are Bathmate and Penomet. Both are in the top list of best quality penis pumps in the market and are successfully delivering excellent results to millions of male users.

Both, Bathmate and Penomet are high performing penis pumps that deliver effective results to enhance male organs.

In this particular review, we will be comparing both Bathmate and Penomet in terms of their specifications and effective results, which will help you in determining the best option for you as per your requirements.

For the sake of comparison, we will compare Penomet Premium Package with the most popular model of Bathmate, Bathmate X40.

Size and Specifications

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Bathmate: The Bathmate X40 is a very popular and respectable size pump. It can hold up to 8.5 inches of erect length and 2.2 inches of girth in the pump tube. To create the pressure, it can hold around 23 oz of water.

Penomet: The Penomet penis pump is a massive device that is absolutely great for beginners and occasional penis pump users. The pump is able to accommodate up to 9 inches of erect penis and can hold up to maximum girth of 2.49 inches. It can hold approximately 30 oz of water inside. 

With the comparison we can see that Penomet is slightly bigger than the Bathmate pump and therefore can support bigger size gains.


Bathmate: The Bathmate X40 penis pump comes with only one gaiter that is permanently fixed to the device.

The fixed gaiter structure of this pump doesn’t allow for a completely customized pump.

However, it is still extremely effective and high quality gaiter. Unlike Penomet and other pumps, Bathmate X40 comes with a comfort pad, which makes it one of the most comfortable choices among the penis pumps.

To take the best advantage of this penis pump, its advised to shave your pubic hair.

Penomet: The Penomet premium package comes with 5 interchangeable gaiters that are all made up with medical grade silicon.

With the interchangeable gaiters you will get a completely customized pumping experience without causing any irritation to your skin.

Though, they don’t have the comfort pad option, but they are also very effective in usage. You can tailor your pumping experience and enjoy faster results with Penomet.

Fluid Retention

Bathmate: When it comes to talk about fluid retention, Bathmate X40 has mild fluid retention. However, it is completely harmless.

Penomet: The Penomet penis pump does not give you any Fluid Retention. This is the first penis pump that doesn’t allow fluid retention to happen.

Fluid retention is a harmless factor while using the penis pumps,  and it is regular thing that can happen during pumping experience.

Manufacturing Design and Quality

Bathmate: Bathmate has many parts linked with its built structure. It has a high quality polycarbonate, stainless steel along with a silicon gaiter. The design is overall simple and there is no effort has been put in streamlining the complication and enhancement of design.

Penomet: Penomet penis pumps are made from the highest quality materials that currently exist in the market.

The changeable gaiters of Penomet are made with high quality medical grade silicon and the pump is high quality polycarbonate that is made in the USA.

It is also a simple design, which has used two materials to build this effective pump.

The design is simple yet effective which allows you to interchange gaiters an create an extremely tight vacuum.


Bathmate: The Bathmate penis pumps are certainly the undisputed best selling penis pumps, as it coems with great innovation.

The manufacturers are constantly upgrading the design by adding new and comfortable features based on their customers’ reviews.

The Bathmate pumps come up with different and upgraded designs to give a wide choice to the users.

In their latest design, they have also added a hand pump to make it a completely customizable, more effective and personalized pumping experience.

Penomet: Though, Penomet is a new comer in the market of penis pumps, but they have successfully produced a completely new and innovative concept of interchangeable gaiters and customized pumping. It surely has opens a new window of flexibility, which is great for new users.

A Quick Comparison

 Penomet PremiumBathmate Hydromax X40
Max Length9 inches8 inches
Best For PeopleHaving starting girth of 7 inch or moreEveryone
GaitersRemovable & interchangeable gaitersFixed gaiters
ComfortGaiters with no paddingRubber Gaiter padding
Easy to UseYESYES
Effective ResultsYESYES


Final Thoughts

Both of these penis pumps, Bathmate and Penomet are hands down the best options for penis enhancement solutions in the market.

Though, Bathmate delivers slightly less pressure than the Penomet penis pumps, but they are still one of the best-selling brands in the market.

Also, Penomet pump is an ideal choice for the beginners and new users, as it comes with the option of adjustable and interchangeable gaiters which gives them freedom to use the penis pump as per their penis size and pressure requirement.

There are advantages and shortcomings linked to both the penis pumps. Penomet doesn’t come with a comfortable padding unlike Bathmate, which comes with a squishy comfortable rubber padding to make your pumping experience the relaxed one.

However, in terms of customized pumping experience and effective results, Penomet is slightly better than Bathmate penis pumps.

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