Adrafinil Power

Adrafinil Power

Boost Your Energy Level With ADRAFINIL POWER

Adrafinil is the stimulant that acts as a nootropic synthesizer. Its functioning is similar to modafinil. IT boosts concentration of users without causing any hyperactivity. It boosts mental energy & also improves concentration. Intake of adrafinil raises levels of modafinil within body.

Intake of adrafinil makes you experience noticeable boost up of energy. Preferable time for intake of adrafinil is morning. Adrafinil is prescribed by the doctors for treatment of narcolepsy.  You stay awake when you use adrafinil. Don’t take it in the afternoon/evening otherwise you will be unable to enjoy sound sleep.

“We lose up to 60% of our mental focus from age 25 to age 70”


Advantages provided by use of adrafinil are the same like that of other noortropic products. These are as following;

  • Untitled-1898It boosts up energy levels
  • It ensures wakefulness
  • It increases motivation for performing life tasks
  • Mental performance is also boosted along with improvement of concentration and focus
  • Modafinil levels within body are raised
  • It is easy to use
  • It is reasonable
  • It is doctor`s recommended product
  • It has good taste
  • It supports improved vision
  • It ensures unbreakable focus
  • It has positive reviews from users
  • It can be purchased from various online stores
  • Discounts and refund offers are also available

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Exact mechanism of its working is still unknown. When it reaches inside the body it becomes modafinil. When you intake adrafinil, your cognitive power is increased via histaminergic signaling. As a result of increase in this cognitive powerful you can concentrate and your ability to stay awake, learn, understand and observe increases.


Use of adrafinil is quite straightforward. Normally its intake is prescribed in the range of 600-1200mg. Doctors prescribing adrafinil recommend dosage of 600 mg/day twice, for example in the morning and before lunch. Other recommendations for use are only after wakeup amounting to 600-900mg.


It is quite safe and its side effects are negligible. After its intake it is converted to modafinil within the liver. Long term use & abuse of this awakening may result in negative liver effects. But these are not proven and depend upon sensitivity of individuals with respect to some particular medicine.

As per some users, taste of adrafinil seems to be like that of coffee but despite of crash, jitters and awkward feelings within digestive tract. Its effect for improvement of vision is also very appealing. As per some users colors were brighter than before its use and it also slightly increased the heart rate. It can be said that is the combination of the coffee & pramiracetam.



Olmifon is the popular brand-name for adrafinil that is not available now in the market. Adrafinil is cheap and can be acquired. In order to purchase adrafinil you must have a prescription.

This is so because it is not some scheduled product and is a drug. Private persons are not legally allowed to purchase, import or sell adrafinil. If you are travelling outside with adrafinil in your bag and don’t have any prescription, your adrafinil will be seized.

This does not mean that you cannot buy adrafinil. As mentioned above it can be purchased easily. Supplements of adrafinil can easily be ordered online. There are many online websites from where you can get this product delivered.

Some of these sites also offer full refund in case of your package being seized on border. If you are not importing adrafinil`s several kilograms, you are unlikely to experience any penalty.  One of the sites where you can buy adrafinil supplements is very well known Amazon.

Company named Absorb Health is currently selling adrafinil on Amazon. This supplement is sold in the form of capsules each of 300mg. cost of this supplement is $37.49. It is a complete 30 days package.  When considering the reality despite of possible problems mentioned above customer are found to be experiencing no difficulty in getting supplement. There are no user reviews about it being seized at border. Shipping problems were also not experienced by users.

No matter from where you are purchasing adrafinil you must ensure to check the authenticity certificate of the seller. This is to ensure that you are getting the original product.


This is the product that is among the most-effective nootropic compounds that help wakefulness. For enjoying real energy boost up with adrafinil, you should get some prescription from the doctor regarding its use. When you buy from authentic seller you will enjoy the same effectiveness and power of the pharmaceutical grade adrafinil.  It is also known as the super-powered coffee that makes you awake for longer periods. Don’t take excess amount than that prescribed by the doctor as overuse may result in negative implications. So it`s all in your hands how you make use of this supplement positively or negatively.

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