How to make your Penis Grow

How to make your Penis Grow

The level of satisfaction for women has drastically increased in recent years, which is why having a bigger size penis is in demand.

A bigger penis is able to achieve deep penetration which is the key to satisfy any women to her will.

Not every man carries a big dick, some men are born with slightly less size than normal. You can thank later to science since there are many ways to increase the size of your penis.

By the help of exercise, natural supplement, and adequate dietary regimen you can add extra inches to your penis.

By applying these techniques in your everyday routine, you can get the fastest results within a month. Not only the size will enhance, but so would your sexual performance and stamina.

Let’s discuss each aspect briefly and let you grow your penis.

Exercises to make your penis bigger!

Exercise is a natural way to improve the function of your body overall, and it also helps you increase the size of your penis.

Not just the normal exercise, but there are other types of exercise by which you can improve the circulation and muscle texture of your penis which can lead to penis enlargement.

Some basic exercises to make your penis grow are

1. Stretching Exercise

This is a plain exercise which requires you to hold the head of your penis. While holding the head you need to grab the stretch it and rotate it about 30 times to the left.

The same process will be done by rotating towards the right side (30 times). This exercise mainly works when you do it on daily basis or 2 times a day.

Note that you do not need to apply vigorous stretching force as it can damage your penile muscles, do it gently and you might find this technique very much useful.

2. Erection Technique

penis erectionThis technique needs you to first make your penis erect as much as you can. After an erection is achieved put a towel on its head and stretch for 3-5 seconds.

Do these sets for 4-5 times and if you can bear the pressure of dry towel, try using a wet one. This will challenge the strength of your penis muscles and allow them to grow in size.

This technique will give you an extra amount of stamina and endurance level during sexual intercourse and also used to enhance the size of your penis head.

You can also massage your whole dick with a warm cloth after this technique is done.

3. Lubrication

Lubricants are mostly used penis enlargement aid which helps you enlarge a smaller size penis in a natural way.

Internet market is full of penis enlargement lubricants which help you massage your dick a more comfortable way and thus increase its size remarkably.

The ingredients in many lubricants reach deeply to the penile tissues and help them gain size. Make sure to use water based lubricants as they are easy to dry after application.

Diet to make your Penis grow!

No diet can directly enhance the size of your penis, however, some dietary items can help you with the exercise.

Diets which are rich with vasodilation properties are more effective.

Some food or items which you can add to your daily diet plan can be

1. Pumpkin Seeds

Rich source of Vitamin E which promotes blood flow to the penis area. The size of penis cells on regular exposure to blood will be increased.

2. Dark Chocolate

eat chocolate for erectionDark chocolate is a very famous edible item to improve the sexual behavior of a person as well as possess some vasodilation characteristics.

Dark chocolates are also a vital source of antioxidants which inhibits everything that is hindering the size of your penis to grow.

3. Seafood items

There are types of fish which can help you generate sexual impulse in a very efficient way. Generating sexual impulse means more blood rush to the penile area and more size gain.

Fishes like salmon and tuna are very well known to improve sexuality.  They also stimulate the production of Testosterone which is the main precursor for sex.

Herbal Medications to increase penis size

Besides exercise techniques and food items, health market is offering certain types of penis enlargement supplement which claims an efficient result and help you make your penis size bigger.

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Final Conclusion

Following the instructions mentioned above, you can add some growth in your penis size in a very short period of time.

Remember that having a small dick will make your sexual life dim and it also won’t make your girl wet the way she expected.

In our opinion the exercise and diets can be the secondary choice, however using natural penis enhancing supplement i.e Male Extra Pills can help you achieve the size in a very safe and natural way.

This treatment worked on about thousands of men and we are sure it can work for you too!

Act before you run out of age and options which are easier than you think.