Tone Your Body With This Full Body Workout

Tone Your Body With This Full Body Workout

A leaner, toner body is desired by almost every single person living on this planet! An attractive body is what considered to be the natural asset you possess, an asset that makes your presence prominent in crowd!

No doubt, you need to follow healthy eating habits to slim down your body, however, shaping is only done through workouts!

To workout, do you really need equipments or a perfect gymming environment? If you think so, then let me correct you that you can simply workout at home, without using any kind of equipment.

Yes, working out in your comfort zone can too, produce the desired results you would have experience through working out in the gym! So, what are these exercises that ‘elude’ the need of visiting a gym? The workout that can be done at home, anytime, you feel comfortable!

But before we start, let us clear you that the workout will involve your entire body and is not restricted to any particular parts. This, makes it highly preferable for all those seeking a comprehensive workout plan that can help them tone and shape their entire body!

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Well, this is what we are talking about:

  1. INCHWORM JACKS: Inchworm jack is ideal for toning and forming your core.
  • To perform inchworm jacks, walk on your hands out in the plank position.
  • Walk your hands back to your toes in a speedy motion.
  • Conclude the move with a clap on top.
  • Continue the moves for a minute.

  1. BOOTY BLASTER: Booty blaster, of course, as the name indicates, aims your hips.
  • Perform two jump lunges using both your legs one by one.
  • Conclude with a squat.
  • Continue the move for 45 seconds without interrupting.
  • Try to speed up with every passing second.
  1. SINGLE LEG DOWN DOG: The exercise aims to fortify, as well as tone the standing leg.
  • Take a reverse pike position.
  • Take a breath in and lift the right leg high, maintaining the position.
  • Breathe out while dragging the lifted knee to your right shoulder, transferring the weight to move the shoulders above the wrists.
  • Pull down your leg and repeat the move alternating the legs.
  • Continue the exercise for a minute.

  1. HIGH KNEES TO TUCK JUMP: The exercise aims to increase power and agility.
  • To position yourself for the exercise, slightly bend your knees.
  • Clutch your hands against your body to the height of your chest.
  • Speedily, drop down into a quarter squat, bouncing back at once.
  • Take your knees as closer to your chest and jump as higher as possible.
  • Land lightly and repeat the move for 45 seconds.
  1. CRUNCH WITH LEG EXTENSION: The exercise is highly preferable for increasing core stability and strength.
  • To perform crunch with leg extension, stretch out on your back.
  • Keep the arms at the back of your head and knees bend towards the chest.
  • Perform a sit-up. Remember, during this, you need to keep the arm swinging to your sides.
  • Stretch the legs to the most when upright.
  • Repeat the move in the alternate direction.
  • Continue for the exercise for a minute.

  1. MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS INTO TRICEPS PUSH-UPS: The exercise aims the entire body, chest, hips, core, shoulders etc.
  • Take the plank position.
  • Pull every knee into your chest at a speedy pace.
  • Perform 10 repetitions.
  • Carry a tricep pushup, however while performing, keep the elbows firm.
  • You can add more and more push-up in the rep of every set.
  • Continue the moves for 1 minute.
  1. JUMPING JACKS TO POWER JACK: The exercise helps to increase muscular endurance and is good for pacing your training.
  • Keep your arms overhead and perform 10 jumping jacks.
  • Following this, jump higher stretching your legs and arms wider. The position needs to resemble a star.
  • Land back in the squat position.
  • Continue the move for 45 seconds.

  1. V-UPS: V-ups is all about working on your core. It improves it strength and helps to make it firmer.
  • Stretch your legs keeping your arms overhead, balancing an inch over the floor.
  • Breathe out, contacting your toes in the inverted pike position.
  • In a very balanced motion, regain your original position.
  • Continue the move for half a minute.

So, this is the workout that can be performed anytime, in your comfort zone. You can try crazy bulk for even faster results. As you can see, it does not require any kind of tool and equipment, neither requires a proper, gym environment. The workout is all good to tone your entire body, be it your stomach, arms, thighs, hips, all! So, if you feel the need to exercise your body, but are unwilling to visit the gym, start working out at home! The entire workout will hardly take 15-20 minutes!