Noocube Review

Noocube Review

ERGO Group Limited manufactured this revolutionary dietary supplement and according to the company’s claim it has been created in the supervision of topnotch neuroscientists and the elements that have been used in it are of purest in nature.

Additionally, all the ingredients have been studied and assessed many times.

Hence, this result to bring you a safe & secure supplement and all these things were only possible because the company has served in the supplement industry for more than a decade.

Noocube has recently been introduced on the market of smart drug supplements and it has proved in its short tenure that it is here to stay for a long time due to its functionality that is unique and unmatchable.

As the manufacturers call it a synergistic combination of Nootropics also known as “smart drugs” that highly supportive in maintaining a person’s focus & concentration, speed of thinking process plus overall betterment in the memory.

This impactful formula includes amino acids, all the vital building blocks for a human body health, vitamins, botanical extracts and it is ready to give fast-functioning brain.

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Working Principle:

Acetylcholine is synthesized to accelerate the focus & working of brain, Noocube assures this thing to happen because it regulates the levels of a sensory perception neurotransmitter (acetylcholine) in the part of brain.

Once the acetylcholine is in control properly, it lets the product energizes the level of focus, recalling power of memory.

It is also responsible in evoking the system of dopaminergic and serotonergic. Furthermore, it puts the user in a state of mind where it makes user take wise and reasonable decision after musing.

Ingredients of this supplement:

  1. Alpha GPC:

Patients of dementia showed the signs of improvement in the chemical configuration of their brains when they were given alpha GPC for a consecutive period of 180 days, per day three times.

The results were quite satisfactory as compared to the group of patients who were receiving a placebo for the equivalent amount of days but showed no change in their mental condition.

Actually, Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha GPC) is said to responsible for raising the levels of acetylcholine in the mind and Acetylcholine is a chemical messenger specific called “neurotransmitter”, it establishes contact between brain cells.

It is highly pivotal for mind functions such as paying attention, learning something new or retrieving some old memories.

  1. Huperzine A:

In a study that was done in 1999, some young teenagers were provided Huperzine for almost a month’s time and later it was proved that Huperzine is great at sharpening the learning and memory.

Plus, Huperzine was also tested on the patients of Alzheimer and it showed its effects on them in a strongly positive manner because more than fifty five percent patients indicated that Huperzine is actually a helpful tool when it comes to boosting the memory and it has relatively higher chances of treating Alzheimer.

So, what is Huperzine? Well, it an extract that is taken from Chinese plant club moss.

It works as a catalyst to regulate the level of acetylcholine by producing a surplus of acetylcholine.  Moreover, there are numerous studies that are in favor of this point.

  1. Cat’s claw:

Cat’s claw is found in Amazon rainforest and it is naturally taken from Uncaria tomentosa (a vine).

Cat’s claw is thought to have protective characteristics for brain. How? It is protective because it has antioxidants; it can be helpful in improving body’s natural skill of repairing DNA damage that is associated with environmental stress.

As DNA damage to cells not only limit it to cells but also it can decrease cognitive development as well as working of memory.

When it is securing DNA, it is performing double action. Plus, this is an element that can work well for Parkinson’s disease.

  1. Bacopa:

Normally, old age people are not very good at performing Cognitive tests but a study in 2008 proved that Bacopa can be helpful in this scenario.

Another study in 2005 gave verdict in favor of Bacopa just like the study of 2002.

All these studies were conducted in various parts of the globe on the number of different subjects but they  almost prove same things that Bacopa is a great tool when it comes to cognitive function and decline in cognitive performance with the passage of time.

  1. Oat Straw & L-Theanine :

Avena Sativa or oat straw has been used in medicines that are related to brain booster as it is said to raise alpha-2 waves in the mind and by improving blood flow toward brain it lets you feel more awaken and alert.

It is a set of amino acid that lets your body experience less stress and fatigue yet improves alert mindedness.

Negative Points:

  • Although this supplement has no noticeable side effects but due to variety of human body structures, different people get different experience.
  • It is not recommended if one is nursing or pregnant
  • The dose does not seem to be perfect for everyone as it ranges from 2 capsules-4 capsules


Well, quantity is reasonable as the normal dose is around of 2 capsules. So, the quantity of 60 capsules are enough for a month’s time.

However, if you increase the amount of per serving, you may require more than 1 bottle of this product.

We have discussed about company, its benefits, ingredients, negative points and things that could have been relevant to discuss here and our verdict is that this Noocube supplement is a “Best buy” because of its revolutionary formula of elements that makes it different and if you are willing to see packages and testimonials of buyers, you may visit the official site of Noocube.

This supplement is available in form of packages as well and the prices are a little high when you are willing to purchase individual bottle but it will become more economical when you purchase a package.

Where I can but it?

It is easily available on the official site. Anyone who is willing to purchase it can order through the site.

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